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You will be surpaccelerationd when you apprehension that it is generally a miadjournstanadvise that is at the basis of the botheration. I will abide this www.Switchboard.com alternation tomorrow. www.Switchboard.com Reporter describes the market now have a card , regardless of how far apart can make you clearly know what others were talking about what to do , in what position . Perhaps you think this is just a play Laugh . But now , there are indeed a " powerful " mobile phone cards on the network "turned out " , powerful enough to make you dumbfounded - each call, you can clearly hear each other's conversations ; satellite navigation system, you can the other location , the error can be accurate to within 5 meters ; nationwide , not www.Switchboard.com limited to distance, limited space , the other phone will receive information each time you use QQ automatically forwarded a copy to the designated phone ; free calls over the phone . Information scientist Kan Kaili though living in a foreign country , or accepted the reporter 's telephone interview , " this technology certainly exists , otherwise security departments on how to listen , how to locate others Civil existence of this technology may also be illegal , but the size range To have been " " Now people think this technology is high-tech , very mysterious. In fact, almost ten years ago, I heard that this technology is not yet widespread but then nothing , " Kan Kaili 's answer to reporters by surprise. Tide said , listen without being concerned about the past , and now has become very popular so-called monitoring card www.Switchboard.com from the social environment is concerned, immorality , lack of trust is a big reason , but from a positive sense, and now the value of information , the role of information is also a wide range of great importance to progress , but now this phone seriously affect the replication monitor card personal privacy , endanger civil rights . prohibit trading in public places , thereby causing online trading craze [Mobile phone positioning software product introduction] This software snaps into any one yourself using an ordinary mobile phone, using GPS satellite www.Switchboard.com positioning system, simply enter another person 's phone number, that number will be able to immediately GPS positioning , we know its exact position , blocking this number to send and receive text messages , and to implement the contents of the phone call and listen to the recording control , and control is the lover , the child's best tools to use without recharge pay a lifetime. Principl mobile positioning software products This smart card is not an ordinary SIM card you normally use , which is based on GPS and SIM card compatible with the system, this card is a large-capacity chip, which is equipped with a fast decoding and deciphering software programs and large capacity memory space . Enter the phone inside this card into each other's number, in seconds can be each other's www.Switchboard.com passwords and PIN codes to decipher it , deciphered out of passwords and PIN code will be automatically stored in the inside. Then the other party during a call , either call the other party or the other that he call her , you can hear their conversation and SMS interception, in case you are not able to answer can also automatically recording, random play ; GPS satellite positioning system, immediately showing the location of the other numbers . Use the SIM card can also call local call , international and domestic long-distance calls ( satellite telephone network ) . This card features is this: all of these programs can use their mobile phones to complete. And easy to carry , simple operation , good safety " Two ." Phone call list query , SMS content query . Helps remove modify phone call records and SMS services. Want to know his wife and who is dating you You want to know your other half really do overtime or travel Provide nationwide mobile phone number and the message content CDR data the fastest two hours or so will www.Switchboard.com be able to pass through the mail or fax to you.One , fixed call list : fixed telephone, PHS detailed list of calls can be provided within one hour . ( Except for some areas ) 2, mobile phone CDR : all the country's Mobile, Unicom, Telecom's mobile phone number can provide. 3, the mobile phone short message content : all the country's Mobile, China Unicom , PHS, www.Switchboard.com Telecom's mobile phone number sent or received text messages can be queried ."Three ," The Division provides the following services : 1: mobile positioning device , mobile positioning software 2: Phone List Query 3 : Mobile card password ( service password ) 4 : Mobile phone call list Query 5 : Delete SMS content ( delete you need to delete the message ) 6 : Mobile Positioning 7 : Mobile positioning find someone ( find each location ) 8: ( copy a same card ) 9: QQ chat records check ( check on someone else's QQ number chats with everyone ) 10 : Query QQ password 11 : Various mailbox password ( the password for the mailbox to see someone take the message ) 12 mobile PIN code query 13 : Professional marriage survey , trade secret investigation 14: vehicle information , immigration officers , property survey before and after marriage 15: mobile positioning software 16: Jiudiankaifang records check ( Who opened the room can query ) 17 : According to the ID check phone number 18 ; fixed telephone call records 20 : PHS call query 21: phone call records , send and receive SMS records 22: household registration www.Switchboard.com information , resume, background check City using type 580 yuan ------ only be used within the city area , the other number is unlimited. Province -use type 880 yuan ------ region can only be used within the province , the other number is unlimited. National roaming type 1380 yuan ----- nationwide use of limited space Any distance , Global Universal 2280 yuan ----- Global Any venue Any distance . What is the use of the city , the province or the national roaming use it www.Switchboard.com Is opened according to your requirements in different provinces , municipalities networks. For example : You want to open ( or Shenzhen , Guangdong Province ) area network, then this card only ( Shenzhen and Guangdong used within the region , while the other provinces range number is not limited, regardless of the other provinces in any one .National roaming : You want to apply for national roaming network , you can use this card to any corner of the country can be free to hear each other speak content.